Bound States of Heavy Quarks in Renormalization Group Procedure for QCD


  報告題目: Bound States of Heavy Quarks in Renormalization Group Procedure for QCD 

  報告人:Dr.Kamil Serafin 近代物理研究所) 




  I will talk about my PhD thesis, in which I studied bound states of heavy quarks (mesons and baryons composed of quarks b and c) in the Hamiltonian formulation of QCD in the front form (also called light front QCD) using renormalization group procedure for effective particles (RGPEP). The scope of my investigation ranged from spectra, through elastic electromagnetic form factors, to structure functions in deep inelastic scattering of several selected hadrons and is meant to provide a demonstration of potential of the method. The key assumption (which can be further studied and in principle validated within the same framework) is the assumption that gluons acquire effective mass. As a result quarks (and antiquarks) in mesons and in baryons interact through a confining harmonic oscillator force and an attractive Coulomb-like force in the effective eigenvalue problem, in which only the lowest Fock sector is kept. My results can be described as rough estimates due to simplifications I adopted. For example, I neglected all spin-dependent interactions treating them as higher-order corrections. Nevertheless, the results are generally in agreement with other methods, especially lattice calculations. Moreover, the formulas I obtain are analytic.