Tale of coherent photon products: from UPC to HHIC


  報告題目:Tale of coherent photon products: from UPC to HHIC 

  報告人: 王妹 副研究員 中國科學技術大學 

  時間:2019年11月21日(星期四) 15:00



  The coherent photon-nucleus and photon-photon interactions has been studied in detail to probe the gluon distribution in nucleus and to test QED via relativistic heavy-ion collisions. These kind of interactions are traditionally thought to be only exist in ultra-peripheral collisions (UPC), where there is no hadronic interactions. Recently, significant excess of $J/\psi$ yield and dielectron pair production at very low transverse momentum ($p_{T} <$ 0.3 GeV/c) were observed by the ALICE and STAR collaborations in peripheral A+A collisions, which points to evidence of coherent photon products in hadronic heavy-ion collisions (HHIC). The possible survival of photoproduced $J/\psi$ and electron pair merits further experimetal and theoretical investigations, which are currently rare on the market. 

  In this talk, I will briefly review the experimental and theoretical results on coherent photon induced recations in heavy-ion collisions and report on our recent progress on this topic.